Eau thermale Saubusse water spray


150ml & 300ml spray

Enjoy the best of thermal water through our sprays.
A water we use during our treatments in the establishment of the Saubusse thermal center.

The trace elements of our thermal water soothes the skin
and make this spray your everyday ally.
For sensitive skin
Soothes, softens, tones

Dermatological properties following studies on our thermal water:

  • Calms and soothes redness and irritation sensations

Tones and invigorates the skin, providing an energizing and stimulating sensation

Improves skin comfort by relieving itching

Refreshes and softens the skin

Calms razor burn and hair removal

  • Makes the complexion more radiant and unified, fixative makeup.

The thermal water spring :

Nature of waters:
 sodium chloride waters

Physical determinations: 

Temperature in ° C at analysis: 39.40
pH 7.40

A water naturally endowed with therapeutic properties.
Our mineral water does not undergo any treatment.

Drilling thermal water 130 meters underground under the Saubusse thermal baths.

Natural minerals

Sulphates: 106 mg / l
Chlorides: 240 mg / l
Sodium: 162 mg / l
Bicarbonate: 152 mg / l

Calcium: 52 mg / l
Magnesium: 19 mg / l
Potassium: 12 mg / l

Trace elements

Zinc : 30 ug/l
Manganese : 58 ug/l
Iron : 460 ug/l


Tested under dermatological control

Assessments of skin compatibility clinical trial

Hypoallergenicity test

TMoisturizing efficiency test

Testing phase

Tested on sensitive skin

The tolerance of our water is tested on the most sensitive skins.

The volunteers in our dermatological tests did not feel any inconvenience during the testing.

For 100% of volunteers, functional tolerance was considered excellent.

Overall functional tolerance was excellent throughout the study.

Dermatological control

Saubusse thermal water relieves 96% of volunteers.

93% of volunteers believe that Saubusse thermal water relieves itching and improves skin comfort.

91% of volunteers agree the thermal water invigorates, calms razor burns and hair removal, and even tones the skin.

At the end of the study, 96% of the panel were satisfied with the product

L'eau Thermale Saubusse

Our water is directly drilled at our Saubusse thermal baths.

Controlled throughout the year by the services of the ARS.

A naturally warm mineral water 39.40 ° c

Constant flow, 18,000 liters per hour

SaubusseThermal Water travels for years through the rock. At the rhythm of the seasons, the water runs through the rocks and is enriched with minerals and trace elements.

A thermal spring recognized by the Academy of Medicine since 1922.

Thermal water for the whole family

A water 100% pure and natural

A naturally soothing, protective care water that softens & tones.

A pearl of very fine water thanks to the size of the droplets.

For all skin types, for all family members

A gesture of care upon awakening, after exercising, or also in your beauty routine to consume without moderation.

For your skin


Following dermatological tests, the panel of people and studies have shown that Saubusse thermal water soothes and reduces redness and itching of the skin.

It is useful to apply our spray throughout the day on the sensitive area (s). Leave to dry for a few moments and wipe the remaining fluid with a towel or cotton pad. Apply your cream afterwards.


In the morning, a generous mist can gently wake up the epidermis after a good night sleep.
More generally, water in mist can bring a feeling of freshness, especially if it is applied after physical exertion.


Before makeup, or after make-up removal, Saubusse thermal water prepares the skin to receive its day cream or night cream.

Once the water is sprayed, the excess is absorbed with a tissue placed flat on the face, leaving the skin slightly moist.

Then apply your daily cream to help penetrate the rest of the water so that the skin fully enjoys its soothing and softening properties.



Contrary to what one might think, rather than undoing it, the thermal water atomizer helps making makeup hold better. Once you finished doing your make-up, spray water 30 centimeters from your face. "By evaporating, the fine mist helps to fix and ensure better makeup."

For the rest of the day, keep your spray at hand since it also helps to revive makeup during the day.

After spraying on your face, slightly sponge the water which remains to attenuate the brilliances and you're good to go.

Finally, the little secret of professional makeup artists to mitigate a too powdery complexion is to spray the face generously with the help of the fogger before absorbing the surplus with a handkerchief. The thermal water "unifies the complexion and removes the powdery and slightly pigmented effect of certain products, without overloading and without adding material".